View Full Version : Testing Windows 7 RC. Comparison to Kubuntu 9.04

May 6th, 2009, 06:30 PM
So yeah, I had ordered a Beta key from microsoft, even though there was no download of the actual software, just for the sake of having one. Two days ago, I recieved an email saying that the RC of Windows 7 would launch tomorrow (yesterday now). So, yesterday, I decided to download the RC. I have the disadvantage of a home PC running Vista, which, having and NVIDIA, left me mysteriously with 726MB of ram. To cap it all, my processor is a single core @ 2.2GHZ. My computer mysteriously ran Aero, but it was a slow turtle, even with the Vista Basic layout. That was the principal reason I switched to GNU/Linux. So, I lost nothing by upgrading my bloated Vista installation and trying out Windows 7. My computer couldn't get any slower. After six hours of downloading the iso from Kubuntu, I burned it, and was ready to "upgrade".
Now, I am an Australian who lives in Mexico, so all of my Windows editions have come in Spanish. I have English CD's, but, yay!, Microsoft only accepts my Liscence on Spanish editions of Windows Vista. Therefore, when I tried to upgrade from Spanish Vista to English 7, it woudn't let me. So I ended up installing it on my D Drive, which I use to store WoW and some games.
Windows 7, after installation, supported my Wireless, something which Vista or Kubuntu refuse to. +1. My NVIDIA, of course, was not supported, so I installed the Vista drivers, which worked perfectly, and then went on to installing Firefox, AVG Free, and my audio drivers for Surround sound. Simple, they all worked.
As for speed, Windows 7 Basic (before I installed the Vista drivers), was almost as snappy as XP, while Windows 7 Aero was considerably faster than Vista. Boot times, in my opinion, were the same. Windows 7 is faster than Kubuntu on my PC, so I'll be dual booting more often. Maybe I might set Windows to boot as default in GRUB, I've yet to decide. And I deserve to be banned from this place for doing that.
Now, I'm aware that when 7 gets old in my laptop, like any Windows installation, I'll go crawling back to Linux, begging for forgiveness, but for now Windows 7 is definitely everything Vista should have been. Ok, I hate the taskbar, but nothing's perfect. I'll prolly spend up to 50 bucks on upgrading from Vista once it's out, and it will probably be my last Windows OS, considering some key windows-only applications are getting ported to Linux.