View Full Version : [all variants] Software Request: a ndiswrapper alternative which can work with all hardware.

May 6th, 2009, 05:55 PM
ndiswrapper is software for linux which can act as medium between linux kernels and windows drivers allowing windows drivers to be run unaltered on linux. ndiswrapper is specifically built for windows wireless networking devices.

is there such a software which can work with all drivers/hardware?

if something like that is not out there yet, someone should start working on it i think.

this will remove only limitation on linux, windows only hardware. this will remove a major concern of people who like to move from windows into linux and it will get more users who are reluctant to move to linux because of hardware. further, it will take the burden of looking for linxu supportive hardware.

it can be of great use if such a software exists.


WDM Wrapper
found this on sourceforge. it's still in infancy. if more people start working on it, it can make a miracle.