View Full Version : [ubuntu] How to get RX650 Scanner working?

May 6th, 2009, 08:14 AM
Hi all

Has anyone been able to get an Epson RX650 scanner working? I have the printer part working ok but I am having issues with scanner. SANE does not recognise it, I have installed libsane and libsane-extras and tried to get it working but no luck (so far).

I downloaded the driver from http://www.avasys.jp/lx-bin2/linux_e/spc/DL1.do for my x64 by downloading the DEB file for the scanner (iscan_2.19.0-4_amd64.deb) but it comes up with a libltdl3 dependency error when trying to install. I then went to see if I could get that package to install via the Synaptic Package Manager but it has libltdl7 and not libltdl3 available - the 3 is obviously and old one??? I installed libltdl7 as well as the libltdl-dev but still no luck, SANE can still not recognise the scanner.

Please help me get my scanner working :)

EDIT: Had an auto update overnight and this morning all is work - sweet - thanks all :)

May 7th, 2009, 09:23 PM
How many nights am I supposed to wait to get it working?!??! Help! Actually no successful updates for this issue.

March 16th, 2010, 07:54 AM
I have solved this one, it is a two step process.

First get correct Driver for your scanner/printer,
Second get dependancies

To get your scanner and printer working use this site it had mine and many others I was after Epson RX610


When you try to install you will get a dependency error on a lib called "libltdl3" you will not find this on the repositories anymore but I found the FAQ on the site from the drivers


The instructions tell you to download the dependancy from here

32-Bit =

64-Bit = http://packages.ubuntu.com/en/hardy/amd64/libltdl3/download

All working in xsane for me now, hope it helps