View Full Version : [ubuntu] Trouble Installing Ubuntu on Asus Laptop

May 6th, 2009, 04:11 AM
Hey everyone. This is my first time on the forums and first time trying Linux. So lemme move on to my problem....

...well I have a ASUS laptop, model: m50vm-b1, and currently have windows vista 64bit installed as my OS and came with a 320 hard drive partitioned into an about 10gb backup drive, and then a 1500gb and 160gb or something like. Someone in my dorm was like "I installed ubuntu onto my computer and its awesome" so I was like cool I want to use it, especially since I'm a freshman for computer engineering so I know I'll be playing around with. Well anyway I've tried several ways installing it and they all seemed to have failed. Oh and I wanted it as a dual boot with vista(I apologize for my minimal knowledge on ubuntu and Linux in general).

First attempt, I tried installing ubuntu 9.04 as a side-by-side install with vista and chose the size of the partition I wanted it which was about 60gb and then continued to installing it. It got to about 5% which was still for creating the partition and then all of a sudden a black screen showed up with some information and said failed at the end then a split second later went to terminal with something like ~ubuntu~ubuntu. At this point I shutdown and get rid of the partion it created on the harddrive on vista

Second attempt, I made a 60gb unallocated spot for ubuntu to install and this time I made it to 83% which was searching/installing language packs and it would freeze so I would have to reboot and delete the partition again.

3rd attempt, I tried doing an install within vista which is dumb but was my last idea with wubi and everything seemed alright but when I rebooted and selected ubuntu at the boot menu it would just restart the computer, so I just uninstalled ubuntu since it didnt work.

So I've tried so many things and I figure it is something to do with the BIOS of my laptop. If someone could guide me into what I could do to get ubuntu 9.04 installed on my laptop it would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I have a second problem now and that is, even after I uninstalled ubuntu of the vista partition it still shows up on the boot menu so I want to know how to get rid of that. Any help please and thank you very much

June 18th, 2009, 02:28 AM
You too hey? I ran into the same problem, and am still stuck on it! Have you found a solution?