View Full Version : [ubuntu] Finally got 9.04 installed

May 5th, 2009, 02:11 AM
The first time I tried the install was actually an upgrade the broke 8.10. After try to get that to work for days I gave up. I had network problems and X Windows problems. Every time I rebooted the system the ethernet got bumped. It started at eth1, went to eth2, and so on. Each time I had to configure the interface and routing. I never did get get X windows to work.

So I tried a fresh install and that was worse. After reading about bad downloads, I downloaded a fresh version of Ubuntu Server, md5 checked the iso file, burned the cdrom at a slower speed using xcdroast and then tried again. Instead of just installing I had it check the cdrom, it was good, so I installed it. Didn't get X11, had to download that and then install firefox, but its up for now.