View Full Version : [ubuntu] Installing boot loader to root partition

May 4th, 2009, 07:40 PM
I have been using Linux for a while now and have several distros installed on my machine. I decided to give Ubunto 9.0.4 a try and decided to install it on an existing partition (sda10). I told the installer to place the boot loader on that same partition. However, when I mount the partition containing the new installation the \boot directory does not have a \grub subdirectory.
I am used to doing it that way so that I don't risk messing up my existing menu.lst file. After installing a new distro, I simply mount the partition of the new install, open the menu.lst file and copy the menu entry into my existing menu.lst. I have tried it twice with the same result. This looks like a bug to me. Can anyone confirm this please.