View Full Version : [ubuntu] resolution and xorg.conf problems

May 3rd, 2009, 01:42 AM
im using a radeon 9200se with 8.04 (cant upgrade to 8.10 im scared it will mess up and have no graphics like last time and i dont want to bother reinstalling... even tho i know in 8.10 restricted drivers work for my card.)

several problems:

1) i tried to install envy well i did but apparently it didnt work tho the icon showed up under Applications>System Tools.. i cant uninstall because it thinks its not installed.. this is the least of my worries so i think.

2) i have way to many xorg.conf files and had removed them all but the default and the failsafe back up but after a couple of rebbots they all came back and more of them. here's a screenshot


the whole reason i f'd my machine up was because i couldn't install restricted drivers for my card and i tried everything.. you win some you loose some. i then at least got my reolution fixed but again after several rebbots it's back to 800x600. i installed the screen resolution tool under Apllications>Other and when i select my ati card and the fglrx driver for it then pick out my exact monitor it fixes the resolution but upon reboot it's all messed up again..

right now my main focus is just to get my resolution to stick upon reboot.