View Full Version : [ubuntu] Pulse Audio Just Not there Yet

May 3rd, 2009, 01:09 AM
A user of Linux since 1995, Ubuntu has become my favorite distro, and I have it on a number of computers, and have helped a number of other people get set up on it as well.

I seldom complain about anything because I know how hard everyone works behind the scenes. And I know in optimism people might make a mistake or force too far ahead.

In my opinion there has been a major mistake made. I know the people who have designed Pulse have worked hard. However it is not prime time, nor does it have the wisdom and foundation of Alsa. And that has created a hell of alot of head ache for people like me, especially making it part of the ubuntu-virtual package.

So much so, I am thinking of dumping gnome completely and putting on enlightenment etc., because pulse sucks right now for me. It is scratchy with my skype, and I have no home phone, I need skype. I can't even log into my voice mail, or leave a message without getting enough static to hang up on me. Alsa works flawlessly.

I find I cannot have say more than one window open with a flash video, it is not playing nice with flash, and then I need to look for the offending flash window. Or I need to log out of the browser to use skype, etc., there is just too many issues.

I think that jaunty is the first version that is literally a PRIME TIME copy, I mean a company could take it and deply it with no hesitation, with one exception, the sound. The sound engine is alpha. It should be given as an option, and under it's own package and not integrated with the desktop. It is just too immature for a prime time OS.

However it is just my opinion, but honestly, just admit the development team got ahead of themselves, and fix it up, and give us guys a easy way to decide which one we want for ourselves. At this time is has to be Alsa for me.