View Full Version : [ubuntu] Doc - installing APF on Ubuntu

May 2nd, 2009, 12:19 PM
Hi folks,

Ubuntu 8.04-i386-minimal
guest - OpenVZ
Mail server

Has any folk tried APF?
APF Firewall for Ubuntu and ArchLinux:

It is on repo;
# apt-cache search apf | grep apf

apf-client - Client for Active Port Forwarding
apf-server - Server for Active Port Forwarding
dphys-swapfile - Autogenerate and use a swap file
imapfilter - filter mail in your IMAP account
snmptrapfmt - A configurable snmp trap handler daemon for snmpd

Where can I find relevant doc for config it on Ubuntu? Do I need installing both apf-client and apf-server?

I can't run Shorewall and Iptables here because of running OpenVZ kernel.

# uname -r


Please advise. Pointer would be appreciate. TIA