View Full Version : [xubuntu] Post-installation and boot problems

May 1st, 2009, 03:15 AM
So I just installed Xubuntu Jaunty, and this is going on an older machine because I'm having some ever-so-wonderful problems with Dell and getting them to send me the correct charger + cords.

I've been trying to install this on a Pentium 2 233 mhz with 512 mb of RAM, the first time I've used a computer with more ram than processing speed. I can run the installer, and the live disc both with no problems, and it does install. It does say that the ACPI is from 1999 before the install starts, so I don't know if that's causing any problems.

The problem is, everytime it finishes installing and goes to reboot, it does that successfuly, but then when it tries to boot Xubuntu, it just either says


Or just flashes a blank cursor. The cursor in the GRUB does the same thing. It doesn't load anywhere, I did leave it for half an hour, and it didn't change. I've tried installing it with GRUB and without, since I'm not running anything else on here.

They are SCSI harddrives as well, so I don't know if that would have any effect on it. I've been able to run ArchLinux alright on here, but since Jaunty came out, I wanted to give Xubuntu a spin on this box.

Anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong?