View Full Version : [SOLVED] Shared Folder Outside HOME Dir

April 30th, 2009, 11:12 PM

I have two Systems on the house.

A. Winxp / Ubuntu 904 Dual boot with 4 HDs:

#2 - SATA Ubuntu 904


My issue here is with system (A). At the moment I have a SHARED folder in my /HOME directory called SHARED? Anyway my other system is a WINXP machine and it can open the folder just fine. Also visa versa my Ubuntu 904 system here has no issues accessing shared folders on my WINXP system. Both systems are on MSHOME under WINDOWS NETWORK in Network Servers.

Now I have two other HDs on system (A) that are NTFS and I have all sorts of files and programs on them that I would like to share with the WINXP PC (B). I do have access to the HDs and I can select a folder on those two HDs and share it with the options, "Share this folder", and "Allow others to write in this folder". Any folder I share does show up in my network service manager in system (A). So you would think everything should be OK? Right!

However, my WINXP system (B) can only see and access the folder that I shared in my Home directory? /home/USERNAME

What is it that I need to add or activate for those files and folders on my extra FILES HDs? I have the feeling that it's going to come down to Permissions of possibly Ownerships of the Hds?? I probably wrong! Any ideas!

Thank you all for your help!