View Full Version : Netbook Remix on top of desktop install, corrupted graphics

April 30th, 2009, 10:45 PM
I just recently decided I would like to check out the netbook interface on my laptop, so I installed the interface packages and whatnot to be able to do that.

It installed fine, and when I log in, I get the interface... however, the graphics of all of it are VERY slow, and they are also very corrupted. It works fine otherwise, just very slow graphics which are corrupted and glitchy all over the place. P.S., I don't have compiz turned on, and it doesn't matter if I put my processor to full speed or not.

Any ideas? Anybody else have a similar issue?

I'm running 9.04 AMD 64
Graphics: ATI XPress 1250, using open source radeon driver

Thanks for any suggestions.