View Full Version : [ubuntu] Jaunty 9.04 Live CD NVidia Issues

April 30th, 2009, 05:04 PM
Current Situation:
Running Ubuntu 7.04 Running for 2 years with GForce 6600 once I got the Nvidia driver Issue Resolved at native resolution with 22" ViewSonic.

Future Situation:
Decided to perform a clean install and to choose between Ubuntu 9.04 or Fedora 11 (about a month after release).

Using LiveCD of both I do find it is a very difficult choice. I like them both but Ubuntu LiveCD shows me issues that I do not have with Fedora.

Fedora LiveCD boots fine, recognizes the NVidia GForce 6600 and automatically installs and configures the drivers to get fine native resolution on the ViewSonic.

Ubuntu requires downloading drivers but then the install instructions are not good. Besides you cannot reboot the LiveCD without loosing the downloaded driver. I do not know why Fedora LiveCD can do it and Ubuntu cannot.

This issue favors Fedora but since it works with Feisty should it not work with Jaunty?

Unlike with Feisty both were able to recognize my HP and my Canon (was a problem) and now am able to print using all of the features of all printers.

Printing photos is more problematic with Gimp on my Canon IP4000 using Fedora. The colors do not seem to be as deep and I will need to do more testing and adjusting. I did not test this using Jaunty but I imagine that the driver and Gimp version is the same.

Neither Fedora or Jaunty recognize my Epson 4180 Scanner. Had the same problem with Feisty 7.04 and after research I found a file and made an entry in some config file and then had no issues. I am hoping I can do the same for the next OS I choose. I did post the solution in this Forum for others who have this scanner.

Fedora has a more straight forward Users and Groups applet and it makes much more sense the way it is graphically layed out. If I had a large network I would probably choose Fedora but that is not the case now.

Ubuntu has better help and support; specifically in this Ubuntu monitored Forum. People are more tolerant of others lack of knowledge and are more helpful and understanding of getting many issues resolved. There appears to be more propeller heads and boys clubs in the Fedora forum that Red Hat really has nothing to do with.

Questions and Comments:
I would appreciate any feedback on any of these issues and all comments are welcome.

Some say that Fedora has more leading edge software and other stuff but may be somewhat less stable and this concerns me. Also they have about a 12 month support cycle where Ubuntu goes for 18 months. I wish it was more because it is a pain to do a clean install and have to reconfigure a couple of systems.

I did notice that Ubuntu only has Python 2.6 and IDLE 2.6 when using LiveCD but Fedora has Python 3.0.

Also I did searches for Netbeans and Eclipse and found not hits in the repository. I thought that Ubuntu has these things. I did find them in Fedora.

So keeping all of these issues in mind I would like to know why I should choose one over the other (especially from those of you who have used both) or if it is a toss up and I can choose on eye candy.

Thanks in advance