View Full Version : [ubuntu] Having internet connectivity from multiple source, but only one is used

April 29th, 2009, 05:03 PM
Hello guys,
I am just switched from Vista to Ubuntu. Ubuntu is simply great.

I really want to thank to whole Ubuntu community from bottom of my heart.Really i mean it.
I have been working on Java since last 2 yrs, and working with Open Source and Free software changed my character (as a person) also. But seriously Ubuntu experience is something i can't explain...

Anyways.. my problem...

I got Wi-fi availability (Netgear home router) and Mobile broadband connection (CDMA) (USB), Now it seems only one is getting used. Is it correct?? i know because CDMA (usb modem) is having 96 kbps connectivity and wired Internet (Accessing through Wi-fi) is having 300 kbps connectivity.. so while downloading file gets download speed of 10 KBps (instead of 35 to 40 KBps), now if i remove CDMA (usb modem) internet, then same file get downloaded with speed of 25 KBps.

How can i use both ??