View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ping yay - DSL nay : how to reset network + internet?

April 29th, 2009, 02:20 PM

i just upgraded to 9.04.

since the dsl-connection wouldn't work perfectly
i deleted my network-manager entries.
then i ran pppoeconf.
what a mistake.
firefox doesn't show funny cats anymore.
all i got left is to ping sites.
well, luckily pppoeconf works with an old live-cd.
thats how i am able to write this post...in 800x600.
it's killing me.

i rewrote, restarted, reconfigured everything i could click on the desktop and ran every command i found on the web.
things as new network-manager entries, "/etc/network/interfaces", "/etc/resolv.conf" and "/etc/init.d/networks restart" are no longer mysterious yet beautiful sounding 1337-phrases to me.
i wanted to stay a shell-virgin, but jaunty took the n00b feeling away from me.

all i want to do now is to reset everything that happens to have something to do with my network and internet connection.
and i mean EVERYTHING!
because after that, ubuntu 9.04 should be able to do it's out of the box magic (https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/internet/C/connecting-dsl.html) to my dsl modem and me, right?

i deserve this after failing for 4 days,
so now please tell me,
how do i do that?


(ps: ping works with ip's and domainnames, but firefox says "connection failed" or "cannot connect", depending if connection started via "pon dsl-provider" or network-manager.)