View Full Version : [ubuntu] another dumb noob question.... but complicated...

April 29th, 2009, 04:34 AM
I had intrepid running just fine on an athlon... with new Nvideo graphics card (N9400GT by MSI), duplex sound card, wifi card... TVcard (pchdtv 5500 -- which was previously working just fine..)

then I downloaded jaunty... and had it running pretty well with that sys.

Then I did my scheduled upgrade of mother board .. to a gigabyte, a new nvidia card, (by msi), retained my sound card (with full duplex) and wifi card.

Also, stupidly am running ubuntu with Mythbuntu on the main hard drive.

BTW, the parts I upgraded to are consistent with an installation of OSX86 on another hard drive... ..

Now, the main symptom is hanging of the system.. cursor immovable, sometimes while configuring bios etc. Sometimes during login, sometimes after. Always within about 5 min.

Added on new 650 watt Antec ... didn't help. Nice power supply though...

I'd be happy to go into tedious detail of the equipment installed etc.

But first a question. If one has ubuntu installed. And then you change crucial hardware (as I have done), is there a procedure to follow to enable ubuntu to recognize everything. Should I have re run the Ubuntu CD? Spent hours reinstalling the system.. and all my junk?

Any help would be appreciated. I'll list other items if needed. etc. Am a forensic neuropsychologist in practice so it is hard to respond immediately. (reports and evaluations to do, you know).

but I could really use any suggestions.