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April 29th, 2009, 04:21 AM
Can anyone tell me where the list of servers comes from in the 'Software Sources' application?

We have a customised Ubuntu distribution that we use in-house at our organisation. We a are setting up an internal repository, (which we mirror using apt-mirror), and I would like to customise the list to return only the internal mirror hosts. (Eventually we might have more than one internal mirror host).

If I modify /etc/apt/sources.list directly to point to our internal mirror host, I find that it is shown in the 'Software Sources' as third-party software, and it is all to easy to accidentally change back to one of the other servers.

I have posted this to the general forum -- please accept my apologies if there is a more appropriate place to post this.

John J

May 17th, 2009, 03:56 PM
Found It !!!

The Software Sources list is /usr/share/python-apt/template/Ubuntu.mirrors
The Main Server data is /usr/share/python-apt/template/Ubuntu.info

I'm running Gutsy (7.10) on a Vaio Laptop that won't behave with any updated versions yet, so I eliminated all but the Country headings in Ubuntu.mirrors and added some Gutsy repos to the US section so I can use Synaptic normally.

You can fix Main Server source in Ubuntu.info
change all "archive.ubuntu" references to "old-releases.ubuntu"
likewise gutsy-security sources will have to refer to "old-releases.ubuntu"

I'm still new to Linux, but I'm learning...
Hope this helps.
Bob B