View Full Version : [ubuntu] Disappointed... To say the least

April 29th, 2009, 02:44 AM
So my first cup of ubuntu was that of 8.04, which I almost immediately fell in love with, as switching from XP to ubuntu was a nice easy transition. The only reason I ended up switching back to Windows was for the gaming aspect. I had dual boot for a while but found my self just using windows for everything instead of just gaming, so eventually just switched back to Windows. Then I built myself a seperate gaming rig, and decided to put Ubuntu back on my daily beater, at which point 8.10 was the current release. Much to my delight, wireless worked right out of the box... much to my dismay connecting to my local network did not (although it had in 8.04). After searching for answers for days, and getting no useful help (surprisingly) here, and losing days of work that needed to be done I yet again switched back to XP to regain access to my local network files and printers. Then I heard 9.04 was released and that networking issues had been addressed and that wireless support was enhanced (8.10 signal was ridiculously weak and signal always dropped). So I went ahead and downloaded and installed 9.04, which from what I can tell, is exactly the same thing as 8.10 except the login screen is pretty and the desktop background has been changed. Still weak (5-6%) wireless signal and still no network. As far as I can see you shouldn't be releasing new versions with more fucntionality (USB startup disk creator etc.) without first addressing the actual problems. Why do I care about a fancy splash screen and a slightly different background when it still doesn't do what 8.04 could already do. Why don't I switch back to 8.04? I don't want to spend hours configuring a wireless device through the terminal when I could just switch back to XP and know, for a fact, that it will do everything I need it to do. Why do I bother with Ubuntu at all? I'm sick of XP, after 8 years it's time for something new, something different and not just XP with a pretty theme and reduced functionality and performance (Vista). So Windows 7 it is I guess. Everything works out of the box, and it's a esthetically pleasing as Vista and as stable as XP.

To sum it up I think you guys got a good thing going, but If you ever plan to get people's support and approval, stop trying to add new applications and just make it work right. Make it so I can connect to my local network like I could in 8.04 and make it so I don't have to spend hours trying to get my wireless working like in 8.10/9.04

For the record in both 8.10/9.04 my wireless connection hovers around 5% and never goes above 10%. In 8.04 it would stay a steady 85% and never drop. In Windows XP/Vista/7 it stays bang on %100 and never moves, so please don't tell me it's my hardware. These are my 2 biggest problems with Ubuntu. If these to issues were addressed I would be hooked on Ubuntu for life, but through the year and a half I've been testing Ubuntu it just doesn't stand up and do what I need it to do. Everything else about Ubuntu I love, but there is no way I can ignore not being able to access my network, it is an absolute must. I can't even imagine what the point of a Server edition of 8.10/9.04 would be without access to a network.

Anyway, keep up the otherwise outstanding work