View Full Version : [ubuntu] Use Linksys WPC54G with Hardy (Super Easy Way)

April 29th, 2009, 02:07 AM
Hey All,

I was fixing up my old computer, and then I got to networking. And I'm like, OH CR*P. I started looking for forums that told me how to install drivers for my old Linksys WPC54G, version 2. A wirleless card from the day of the dinosaurs. I saw a lot of forums, and none of them actually helped... Once I started to get the hang of all this ndiswrapper stuff, I said to myself, "This is a lot harder than it needs to be!" And that's why I'm here. Here's whatcha do:

Remove wireless card.

Open up the Add/Remove in Applications, and search for "ndis". (W/out quotes.)

Install the first, and only, program that comes up, "Windows Wireless Drivers".

You can either double-click it when it says, or go to System>Administration>Windows Wireless Drivers.

Download the appropriate version of your driver from the linksys website, and extract the files to your desktop, or anywhere else.

Choose the right file in the program, for me it was lstinds.inf.

Put in card.

I think thats it...restart your computer, and manually set up your network. Please note internet may be slow, but working. Please post any problems. Thanks, and good luck.:KS