View Full Version : [ubuntu] Router does not understand Internal NAT - Wordpress

April 28th, 2009, 05:03 AM
I have gone round and round with this. My router/modem does not understand how to translate internal NAT. I have a network with Ubuntu Server (my web server), a linux box, and 2 Winblows machines. The problem is that Wordpress needs a web address as listed under Settings > URL. All boxes excluding my server can view the web pages. In other words, Firefox on my server can see my domain, no other boxes can. My other machines time out when viewing my domain http://buckycomputing.net. I want to use my internal IP to accomplish blog posts, etc. DotClear does not have a problem with me using my 10.1.10.XXX address.

What can I do with Wordpress or other to make this work?