View Full Version : i am thinkning about how many forums i can be in at same time

April 28th, 2009, 12:07 AM
i have been a member here for some time.

i lost a bit interest in the programming talk section which most of my post actually has been posted at.

i found the c-board instead and it is to me more useful in that context.
i have also joined up in the other OS talk forums.
i have a member account at solaris and crunch bang forums
i also have joined a newly started forum for hobby programmers i found trough a link in a user at these forums signature.

i just sorted out the forums in which i found no more use for and i would like to hear how many of you that uses more than one forum and one thing i really want to know is the following.

as there is a lot of social webpages and also a lot of different support forums and many thing today is starting to demand of people that they use internet for many practical things and some people gain much from using the more social oriented webpages i would like to know what you feel about these things.

as for me:
i am sort of happy with using these opportunities but i would not start living in a way that makes me depend too much of the internet even that i ironicaly as of today also use up to six hours on the net everyday. i am sick with a kidney disease so i sit down much of my time and i found that internet has many good things to offer .

i am also to be honest sometimes more alone than may others but i try really hard to resist the temptation of becoming to personal involved with social webpages like dating serves or something like that. i am one of the types that like to meet people and talk to people face to face and let things evolve natural .

i am also a firm believer of the open-source and i would do anythign i can to help and that is so my reason to use the ubuntu forums and the other forums i am in other than i off course learn a lot and the programming related subjects are not something i plan to try become a open-source developer. i cant do that but i just enjoy relaxing wiht using my brain on these things. to me linux /unix is a way of life and also a great hobby. i use only linux and have for about five or six years so i depend on the communities in some sence.

April 28th, 2009, 01:16 AM
I prefer forum type websites over 'static' pages such as wikis, or 'live' discussions such as chats or webcasts. The forum is the happy medium, and not surprisingly, google searches for linux problems will point you to forum pages, and searches for general problems will return discussions from answers.yahoo.com. From a social standpoint, i've never tried facebook or twitter, or any of the others that make the news, but i'd rather spend my online time with something specific to me. For example, i enjoy film and tv, and the IMDb forums were the first thing i ever had a membership of.