View Full Version : [ubuntu] new 9.04 installation with DWA130 (probably an easy one)

April 27th, 2009, 10:15 PM
I have my Dlink DWA130 working (obviously) but only if I do not enable any encryption). I've read a lot of WPA issues posted, but I am just using WEP. This nine digit key I used in 8.10 worked well, but in 9.04 the system just seems to lock up after I get the keyring notification. If I look at the available networks everthing seems fine, unless I click on them twice. Using the power off in the panel doesn't even work, (just hangs at about half way on the power down screen ) I have to actually press the power button on the computer. Is there some difference in putting in a WEP key in 9.04 ( I really don't like being unsecurred!).