View Full Version : [ubuntu] Dual boot Vista/jaunty wireless problem vista.

marc raes
April 26th, 2009, 08:43 AM
Hi, I installed a dual boot on a vista notebook Asus 7AM.
Installed 9.O4 manually, shrinking te vista-partition with the partition-manager on de install-cd, and mounted vista in /media during install.
All works well. There is one strange issue though.
Both OS are configured that they find available wireless networks at start-up. This is a default setting in ubuntu as well as in vista.
Now, this is what happens:
When I finish working in ubuntu and shut down de comp and - immediately or the next day - restart in to vista, vista can't find the lan or any wireless network. It can be mended clicking on the "diagnose and recovery?(what's the word in English... I have a dutch version)-button" in vista.
But its weird.
As long as I stay in vista, shut down in vista, restart in vista, the bloody thing finds the lan and other networks faultlessly!
What is happening here... ubuntu must change something vista can't cope with.
To complete the picture... when I restart from vista into ubuntu, ubuntu has no problem finding the wireless.(Oops... not entirely true... five minutes ago ubuntu also could not find the router! Was able to fix it after a reboot in vista)
I am one off these rare guys who learned to use a computer with Ubuntu!
I dont know how to (re-)configure things in vista... Maybe some of you geeks know and can help me out.
It seems to be a vista problem, although at asus they yell: "It's ubuntu's fault!", not a big help these guys!
Its an intriguing issue as well as a 'lousy'poblem... now I understand why they use the word "bug"!