View Full Version : [kubuntu] New 5.1 surround speakers: What are you using?

April 26th, 2009, 02:32 AM
Okay, so I am cruising Tiger Direct and New Egg, hell even Wal Mart... looking for a nice set of speakers...

I went to the trouble of buying a nice new sound card ($200) that has 4 jacks I would really like to use:
Side surround
Rear/Back surround

But most of the speaker packages I am finding use only one plug - Front. What's the point of getting a better sound card if finding speakers to make use of it is like finding a needle in a hay stack?

I found one set up that has all the right plugs, but the reviews slam it for having poor sound quality.

I watch the occasional movie on my computer, I don't really game, mostly I listen to music and I want to hear my money, if you take my meaning... and not hear poor design/construction/quality.

I wouldn't mind buying separate pieces... one (left/right) for each plug. Ideally, the units would be small-ish, not much real estate under my desk, none on top of it, so wall-mount and adjustable (where they point) would be a major plus. Ideal price range for a full set would be $200-$300 bucks, total.

Have you bought speakers recently? Are they really good? Share your specs.

Thanks for sharing!