View Full Version : uptime, idle and distributed computing

April 26th, 2009, 01:27 AM
i was thinking this morning. i bought a huge 2x 3ghz Xeon w/ HT server, 2GB or ram, and a pair of 15k drives... for what? to serve a few files on the network, to host a couple personal websites, and to test code once in awhile. there's a lot of electricity being wasted and a lot of idle time. couldn't i be doing something better with my server?

then i remembered, hey what about seti@home? maybe i can contribute my idle processing time (which is probably 95% of the time) to something useful.

so the question is, anybody here put their server to good use for distributed computing purposes? i tried to search but didn't really find anything.


im off to find a good cause. :)