View Full Version : [ubuntu] How big should partition be?

April 25th, 2009, 04:43 PM
I'm getting a 500GB hard drive soon and plan to partition it amongst Jaunty 32bit, Jaunty 64bit, and Windows 7 RC1 when it is released. For backup purposes I want to create a separate /home partition, but I have no idea how big the actual installs of the Jauntys (Jaunties?) should be.
Can anyone help me out?

Basic Idea:
Windows 7 RC 1 - ~100GB
/home partition - ~300GB

Would this setup work?

I had no idea how to search for this online because all I could find was HOW to create separate home partitions but it doesn't tell me how big the install partitions should be.

May 11th, 2009, 03:27 PM
The set up should be fine. I have one desktop that runs two partitions with 34gb each. One partition has xp set up on it and the other has windows 7 RC, which is incidently very good. I also have a laptop a 500gb hard drive partitioned 250/250gb. That is running vista and windows 7.

I am installing ubuntu server on another desktop which is why i'm on this forum. This is my first foray into linux.

May 11th, 2009, 03:31 PM
Just make sure you disable system restore in windows 7. Creating restore points can take a lot of space. I think the documentation mentioned installing windows first since windows likes to take up the entire thing, however you might wanna check that out since I do not really remember. I hope this helps. :)