View Full Version : [ubuntu] Sensors on HP Dv5 laptop

April 25th, 2009, 04:10 AM
I have a HP dv5 laptop, with vista/ubuntu dual boot. I'm trying to get the sensor readings for cpu temp, fan speed etc., I did the whole lm-sensor and sensors-detect thing, but can only get the 2 CPU temperatures when running sensors. (the last part of sensors-detect only had one line for the core temp:
#----cut here----
# Chip drivers
#----cut here----
and nothing else as I have seen in some exaples here.)
I have also tried SpeedFan on vista on the same machine, and it also gives only the 2 cpu temps and nothing else. Is it a problem with the laptop? Is there anyway to get the other readings?

Also, when running on vista, I can hear the fan sometimes when running intensive apps. But I've never heard it in ubuntu, and wondering if it is a problem.