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April 25th, 2009, 12:40 AM
In case anyone missed this from the mailing lists or on Planet (http://jacob.peddicord.net/blog/2009/04/04/ubuntu-ohio-jaunty/):

Itís been set: the date for our 9.04 release party will be May 9 at Panera Bread in Easton (just north of Columbus). It will officially start at 5pm and ends when everyone leaves ó or when Panera kicks us out at 10. Even if you canít stay for long, if youíre in the area be sure to drop by.

Map & driving directions:

Take this chance to meet other Ubuntu users, network, and have a good time. There may be some opportunities to get involved with Ubuntu development and bug triage.

Why so late? Because weíll have CDs. If you just canít wait for ShipIt to make a delivery, we will have them available (for free, of course). The LoCo stack usually includes a bunch of Ubuntu i386 and amd64 editions, as well as some Kubuntu and Server discs.

If you want, bring a laptop, though donít feel obligated. Bring money for food at Panera if you desire ($5 covers most items on the menu). And of course, feel free to bring friends!

If you are far away from Columbus, consider carpooling with others in your area. If you need a ride but donít know if anyone else is attending, post a message to the Ohio list with your location to see if anyone else will be going. Heck, feel free to come even if you arenít from Ohio, but happen to be going through the area.

Finally, get the word out! Let your friends know that May 9th is the 9.04 Ubuntu release party at Panera. Blog it, dent it, tweet it, let everyone know. We had somewhere around 30 people at a release party once (all crammed into Panera), letís see if we can break that record!

May 2nd, 2009, 03:55 PM
CDs have arrived!