View Full Version : [ubuntu] URGENT NEED OF HELP! Upgrade problems.

April 24th, 2009, 11:38 PM
I think my situation necessitates that I list all of the details:


- I upgraded from intrepid to jaunty via synaptic. During the process I chose to KEEP my menu.lst and something about read-aheads.

- After restart, Grub only shows the options to boot from intrepid (kernel 2.6.27-11-generic) and my xp partition. NO signs of jaunty at all.

- With no other options, I boot from what it calls the intrepid (8.10) partition.

- Grub selects the ubuntu partition and begins to boot. Bootsplash continues. After bootsplash finishes, I get a BLANK SCREEN. Nothing else happens, and I'm forced to restart.

- From Grub, I manually change the kernel name / initrd stuff by pressing the 'e' key, and I get the same result. Blank screen.

- From other suggestions, I booted into recovery mode, and ran as root. As root, I backed up menu.lst and made a new one. Now grub shows the correct kernel name at startup. BUT since menu.lst was updated, my xp partition doesn't show up as a choice anymore! Boot from ubuntu partition. Blank screen after bootsplash.

- Does anyone know how I can boot up my windows partition from the grub command-line or elsewhere?

- As for saving my ubuntu partition, I figure I can boot into safe mode, backup my home dir to a usb drive from terminal, get a livecd, and do a fresh install. But I need to know the terminal commands to do that. Ewww.

- Or, if someone knows how to remedy my situation without doing a complete overhaul, PLEASE PLEASE HELP. My computer is essentially worthless right now :(

Loads of thanks to whoever can help me...

April 24th, 2009, 11:41 PM
Oh, and for what it's worth:

- With intrepid I used customized GDM themes. Does that mean with the upgrade those don't show anymore, and neither does the default one? I may have to revert back to default gdm login screen from terminal.

April 25th, 2009, 01:14 AM
Please halp meh....