View Full Version : [ubuntu] How Long Until Ubutnu Upgrade Servers are at Normal Volume Again?

April 24th, 2009, 09:56 PM
If I wait a week, is the upgrade likely to succeed, or is this a months-away kind of thing?

I've been trying to upgrade to 9.04 since yesterday morning but the process always fails, sometimes quite close to the end, due (I think) to the servers being too congested. I keep having to download the same stupid 1203 files, over and over.

I tried messsing with apt-p2p and installing from the Alternate CD that I downloaded via Bit Torrent, but none of that is working for me. For some reason the Alternate CD has stopped letting me run the 'cdromupgrade' program that it was initially letting me run. When I was still able to run it, it tried to use my internet connection anyway, and wouldn't do anything unless I enabled it. Enabling it just sent me back to the same old online upgrade process, which fails.

Pretty frustrating process so far, but I guess it just means people love the OS in great numbers. So that's cool.