View Full Version : [ubuntu] SMTP Forward - n00b warning

April 24th, 2009, 09:28 PM
Hi Guys

Please excuse my n00bness i am learning here, i am from a windos back ground and work with exchange a lot, how ever as a trial home project i am wanting to test ubuntu for its mail reply abilities which im sure it can do.

So here is what i need it to do, i current have a web site replying mail via mx records to my exchange server so mx1.domain.com with a weight of 5.

I want to configure a ubuntu mail server to handle and hold and reply my mail if mx1 is down.

So if mx1 is down it goes to mx2 (my ubuntu server), which will be held at another site (with another ip etc), which means i need to configure the server to accept the mail from the domains i tell it to, hold the emails and and keep trying to deliver it to mx1.

Is this possible, i have a clean install of ubuntu 9.04, nothing else done, no idea on what mail server to use or anything.

Please explain in simple terms how to do the server side of things i am a n00b to this OS, how ever i want to use it do this simple job and not have to use windows server. :lolflag:

Setting up the domains to point to mx2 aint an issue thats my own isp side of things, its just having another mail server to recieve my mail.