View Full Version : [ubuntu_studio] Can you recommend hardware?

Bright Carver
April 23rd, 2009, 06:07 PM
Hi there

I'm building an Ubuntu Studio box for mainly music. Can anybody recommend some good hardware to get stuck in with? I've got experience building PC's and with Linux, but when I combine the two it always ends up an expensive disaster.

So if you do music on your Ubuntu Studio what sort of machinery are you doing it on?

The building will be in 3 stages. There will be just the basic multimedia desktop to start with, then I'll be adding monitor speakers, midi keyboard/knob and dj controllers and an external soundcard. After that will be an upgrade to a solid-state box with silent cooling etc.

I only need advice on the first stage (the basic PC) but I'd like to be able to plug the later things in without realising I've got an incompatible thing in there somewhere! That's what usually happens to me in these endeavours :)

So really it's CPU,MB,HD,RAM,SC,CDDVDD,probably GC (for looking at all the squiggly lines) and basic studio monitors. What's your setup and why? I am on a bit of a tight budget...