View Full Version : [ubuntu] sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop issues

April 23rd, 2009, 05:22 PM

I've been running Ubuntu 8.04 for a couple of weeks now, and I just installed a new NVidia video card. I have read about the proper installation procedure, but when I run

sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop
I cannot type slashes '/'. I just get a flashing '_', so I can't run the install command, or restart gdm. I really want to get the driver, for obvious reasons. I can't even get the resolution up past 720x400 with the default. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

If this question was retardedly simple, go easy on me, I'm new to Linux.

April 23rd, 2009, 11:00 PM
Can you type / in a text editor? If not you may have a keyboard problem, also check how you have your keybaord setup in System-->Preferences-->Keybaord

April 26th, 2009, 12:28 AM
Yes, it works fine in any textbox/editor. Only after running that command can I not type a slash.