View Full Version : [ubuntu] Nvidia drivers and GeForce 2 MX

April 23rd, 2009, 05:08 PM
Hey all. I installed Intrepid as my first Linux OS a few weeks ago and really love it. All along though I have had major problems with the Nvidia drivers for my card.

First off, the menu options in OpenOffice, Scribe, PDF Edit, and Wine are never visible when Compiz is enabled.

Secondly, whenever I log off / log on, the monitor refresh rate I set in Nvidia X Server never sticks....It always goes back to 60 hz, no matter what I set it at.

Also, getting any 3d games like Warsow, OpenArena, or Alien Arena to run has been an utter failure.

Well, turns out, I think the problem stems from my drivers being incompatible with my card. I simply installed and updated I guess the most current Nvidia drivers from the repository...

But after reading a bit in the forums this morning, it looks like I need to uninstall whatever the current drivers are (180.something), and download the Legacy drivers for a GeForce2.

How would I go about uninstalling my current Nvidia drivers, then installing the legacy driver over it? Does anyone know if the Nvidia X Server application will be there in my System menu after installing legacy drivers even?

I'd really appreciate some help. I plan on installing Jaunty this weekend so I'd like to get some documentation and instruction printed out and ready to go so I can get it all set up properly at once.

Thanks to anyone who replies!