View Full Version : [ubuntu] Hz problems or monitor problems ?

April 23rd, 2009, 01:34 PM
I am still very new to Ubuntu and apologize if I am not posting this to the right place.
I have had a problem for quite a while now. I have a monitor witch could go up to 75 hz before and all. with 1024-768 If I aint wrong.
I alway am able to be on the dekstop with the highest resolution, but not on 75hz anymore, just on 60.
And nearly everytime I start up any game, mostly counter strike source, the screen goes black, the green light on the monitor starts going off and on, off and on... and I need to ctrl+esc. And then its still black, but to fix it I need to pull out the cable and wait for about 20 sek , then pull it back in. Then the screen is fine again.

I am just playing now on window mode, cause nothing else works.
I have reinstalled the OS, I have reinstalled the game, I have tryed not to update nvidia, and I have tryed updating it.

Nvidia :6600
Screen : Viewsonic VX922
Windows xp proffesional.

Thanks in advance /Magnus