View Full Version : [ubuntu] Mouse and Keyboard not working

April 22nd, 2009, 10:53 PM

I'm new to UBUNTU so i have some prolems while installing UBUNTU.

My computer was in Vista and it had problems so i decided to use UBUNTU 8.04

I use the live CD and it is very OK (I'm using LIVE CD now with acpi=off). I did partition and format the disk well, nothing went wrong.

I had installed UBUNTU and everything had been great until i started to use the UBUNTU on hard drive. In the login screen, i found out that my keyboard and my mouse are not working.

I did try to click ESC at boot screen and edit the kernel, acpi=off. But it is still not working.

Anyone help me to solve this problem please.

Thank you very much

p/s: My computer details :
Acer computer package Aspire M1641