View Full Version : [ubuntu] Cpu Temp too high!

April 22nd, 2009, 07:02 PM
I am using a Toshiba L350-170 and am using the sensor applet to monitor my temps.

At the moment they are reading 0c 65c 65c and 0c. The temps will go up to about 82c before the fan cuts in, although if I restart anytime after about 60c the machine automatically restarts with the fan operating.

At the moment I only have Ubuntu as I got fed up with Windows but do not re-call high temps previously.

I got in touch with Toshiba and they advised a bios up date,and also suggested the sensor software may be wrong, and if still a problem make a warranty call out.

The clincher though, is that if they decide it is the normal tear and wear they would make a charge. They would also make a charge if they decided it was software causing the overheating.
That scared me off, also as I am disabled and on a very fixed income, I dare not take the risk. And to top it all when they found out I was using Ubuntu their advice! to re-load using the recovery disks and flash bios to see if that sorted it.

I do not want windows and why should the not support Linux? I did buy a Laptop Computer and not once was it stated that it was for windows OS only.

Now if I have a genuine fault with my laptop I am going to be too worried about being charged for repairs, when the laptop is only 5 months old.

Sorry about the rant but my question is what do you experienced people think is a "normal" temperature range for a dual core laptop?

Also any advice about the sensors they are getting temperature readings via ISA Adaptors

My sincere apologies if this post is too long.