View Full Version : [ubuntu] weird things happening and unable to find drivers for graphics card

April 22nd, 2009, 06:16 PM
hello . i jave installed ubuntu 8.10 that is intrepid ibex to dual boot with windows xp sp 2 just one day ago.

i am having many problems

1. the window is becoming bigger than the screen in compizsettings manager.(this problem resolved itself later but i want to know the reason because if it is anything important)
2. the screen has.become black
3. when i changed the preferences of xchat and set the window to be transparent xchat close d immediately and it is not opening ever since.
this is detailed description of how and when the above mentioned problems started happening
it all started when i was trying to get the cube working in compiz settings manager
weird things started happening.when i tried to check the boxes they would not be checked instead the window would become bigger than the screen so that i couldnt see the whole of the window. by pressing anywhere in the window it would show the other part of the window.

this is nothing to what happened a little later
i remember changing the visual effects in system>preferences>appearance>visual effects to custom and then done some setting simple compiz setings manager
i was testing the various animation effects of the windows minimising /maximising etc.they worked well.but after sometime when i was doing something else(actually i was trying various key combinations to see what they were meant for)when suddenly the screen
it went black and with scrambled top bordrs with reddish lines for sometime i was really afraid if the hardware was damaged or something.
it was not as if the system was stuck (because i was able to press the power button on my keyboard to shutdown the system.)
wherever i clicked black square shaped patches appeared over the screen.i restarted the computer by pressing power button on my keyboard
After restarting it still was the same way.the screen would appear first but then when i right click there would be a black square where the right click menu should appear and then as i keep clicking on the screen black squares would appear wherever i clicked.
windows was working alright so i was relieved that it wasnt the hardware being damaged.
I went to the #ubuntu channel at irc.freenode.net for help.There they told me to create a new user account and also to remove compiz by starting ubuntu in recovery mode. and i did it and i got to login into this new user acount without the screen going black.
But that old account of mine is still showing black.

then after i logged into the new user account i went on xchat to get more instructions from the ubuntu official irc channel. i changed the preferences in xchat to make the window transparent then suddenly xchat closed and it is refusing to open ever since.
i noticed soon that the visual effects was off. so i tried to turn it to normal . then a box appeared sayin ubuntu is looking for drivers. then it said " desktop effects could not be enabled".

there are no hardware drivers in system>administration>hardware drivers
my graphics card is intel 945g.
so what is wrong with my computer.
can i ever get that compiz thing to work in my computer
and can i use animation software in my computer.hopefully everything will not go black again when i start blender or something else.
it looks like i hit a brick wall..
i just want to try some animation software and i am afraid if drivers are not loaded then system would crash when i run those software.
what if they would also not run as xchat.

please helpp me

please forgive me if have not written clearly.i tried my best