View Full Version : [ubuntu] LDAP e W2003Server, some info

April 22nd, 2009, 10:55 AM
Good day all,

this is my first step inside the worldwide community of Ubuntu and the second step inside Linux world!!
I have configured a Squid service in Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition and now it work correctly. Fabulous! It's a great step forward for me.

Ok, I go to the question!!

Now, I want install on my pc the server edition, the 8.04 LTS, so the system will be more stable.
I want also configure the future server & Squid with mine W2003Server domain controller.
So, I can configure that some groups can go to Internet and other not.
I want, if possible, that Windows groups are configured with Squid.

The problem it's that I haven't a good knowledge about LDAP and the configuring way with the W2003 Server.

Where can I find a good guide to understand the LDAP and the correct way to configure it with W2003 Server and Linux Server ?

Thanks to all.