View Full Version : [ubuntu] Accessing IDE drives with 8.04 on SATA?

April 22nd, 2009, 10:35 AM
Hello all you lovely knowledgeable types, I wonder if you can help?

I finally got my new build pc running after months and months of fiddling, and thought great, now I can just whack my old HDD in and pull all my data off it. Not so. My new HDD is SATA, running Ubuntu 8.04, and I simply cannot seem to successfully set the old IDE drive up as the secondary drive in order to access my stuff. I have tried every configuration I can think of, every jumper setting, every BIOS boot order, I've even tried running off the live CD without having the new HDD plugged in. If the IDE is attached, the OS simply won't load at all - it goes to the shell and starts spitting out stuff about buffers and extensions over and over.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...