View Full Version : [ubuntu] CD Drive Won't Eject or Mount

April 22nd, 2009, 08:04 AM
I had a music CD in my drive and after the last time I woke the computer up from hibernation, it won't see the CD. Rythmbox did not have the Eject menu item enabled. It won't eject or mount. It says no media present. I've done a reboot and still have the problem. Manually pressing the eject button does nothing. Is there any way to force an eject at bootup or something so I can at least get the CD out? I tried the hardware test, but it doesn't test the CD drive.

Ubuntu 8.10, LG DVD drive with Lightscribe.

Edit: K3b launched with an error, but at least the Eject menu item was activated, so I ejected, and it worked. Burned a CD and everything seems ok again.