View Full Version : I bring you glad tidings of GREAT JOY!!!

April 21st, 2009, 11:19 PM
But back in the day...like 2005 down, the question used to be asked how can I get yahoo launchcast on ubuntu/linux.

The answer used to be all sorts of things from including installing IE in wine to a installing VMWare.

Well I just decided to drop in to see if the guys over at yahoo had done anything yet in the aid of cross platform compatiblity...and would you know it ... they are using the same platform now as aol radio :D ... It's flash based so you can play it in any browser that supports flash and it it now integrates nicely in song bird! OH let the world rejoice!

I can now listen to my favorite station once again.

Direct link: http://player.play.it/player/yahooplayer.html