View Full Version : [ubuntu] Netbook remix installation problem

April 21st, 2009, 10:02 PM
I've tested out with live cd the new Ubuntu 9. I was impressed and decide to give it a try on my netbook Asus E1000H.
As I wondered through the ubunu site I saw that there was a special version for netbooks.. even compatibel with mine.
Downloaded the image (latest) and the usb tool for windows. Succesfuly put the image on the stick. So far so good.
Booting from stick is no problem.. When I choose to install or live test I see the nice Ubuntu logo until I get:
Fat: filesystem panic. (dev sdb) Now is the question.. If I remove my partitions from the drive could this solve my problem? I've been able to run live cd from CD (RC version 9). Could these errors mean that there is something wrong with my usb stick. 'Dev SDB' is this my usb stick or HD? I'm also wondering since I haven't got any drive configuring screen if this will folow in the installation. After a while I get a kind of command prompt.. (initramfs) with above something off busybox v1.10.2? What to do next? PLease help as I would really like to install Ubuntu on my netbook. Thank You.