View Full Version : [ubuntu] Built-in-monitor problems

April 21st, 2009, 07:47 PM
Here's the situation: I'm trying to correctly configure Ubuntu 8.04 to run on a Javelin Viper POS System, the kind with the built-in touch screen. It has a VIA chipset, and ran WinXP before. For some reason, the built-in monitor won't work with (from what I can determine) X. Here's the boot sequence:
2. Grub autoboot notice, etc.
3. Bunches of text.
4. Ubuntu splash screen with loading bar.
From here on out, only an external monitor through the VGA port works. (If I have it plugged in on boot, everything shows on both monitors.)

It did this on install, too. After a certain point I had to plug in a monitor to see what I was doing, but figured I could fix it after the install was finished.

xorg.conf was filled in by the install scripts with the default info, no driver specified, etc. Since it uses a VIA chipset, I specified the openchrome driver, and have tried the ActiveDevice options with that to no avail.

Another possibly related symptom: Using the alternate install CD, I get as far as the first menu (the one with the grey gradient in the background). Choosing ANY of the options gives me the text-screen loading display (loading i386/linux and i386/initrd.gz). After that clears, both monitors stay on, but everything is striped diagonally so that I can't read it.

Another symptom: Whenever I switch to any full-screen terminal (on shutdown, in another virtual terminal, etc.) the screen turns into a pink mess.

Anybody have suggestions? I can post any logs that you need, just lemme know.