View Full Version : [ubuntu] Dell M1210 - 9.04 Upgrade Info & Issues

April 21st, 2009, 04:57 AM
Upgraded from 8.10, seamless, no problems.

Here's a few highlights:

Had to reactivate the proprietary drivers for sound/vid/wireless, no biggie.

Handles my video (22" widescreen HD by Gateway) better.

Like the new login for Gnome, much prettier.

Upgraded OpenOffice to 3.0 now, FF and TBird...all working well except for below...

Everything seems to work well. My wifi was iffy from time to time on 8.10, been smooth so far.

Curious though... I have to sudo to run system-config-printer, if I try to run it from the GUI via System/Admin then I get a blank box and it crashes. I also have to sudo to run the Nvidia and save to the X config file or it won't do it. Why am I having to run these as root? Pretty basic/day to day functions.

Firefox issue... still not able to print PDF shipping labels at usps.com, read quite a bit about that in the past.

Thunderbird hyperlinks aren't working though...wont open FF to view the link even though FF is my default browser, all settings look good.

Also, what about speeding up my AT&T 3G connection in 9.10?

Overall I'm very pleased, converted from XP, used to have a large web hosting op that was all RedHat/Fedora so I'm used to Linux but just haven't been pleased with desktop OS's until now. Very nice.


April 23rd, 2009, 11:12 PM
My experience is much like yours -- boot time is shorter and really no problems with Jaunty. My hyperlinks in Thunderbird aren't working either. I've logged a bug in launchpad. (They do work in Evolution though).