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April 21st, 2009, 04:32 AM
Hi guys.

I am a web developer (boring db stuff), and run 3x 24" lcds off a 8800GT and a Ati 3450.

I used to run Ubuntu 7.04 years ago when I had dual screens, but when I got / the office gave me a 3rd one w/ a video card, I had a go at setting it up with my linux installation, but couldnt work it out after a few hours and switched back to windows XP.

How difficult / is it possible to get 3 monitors working in the newest Ubuntu? I have a decent scripting and technical knowledge (I had 7.04 running fine with dual monitors on my 8800GT), but am not that well versed with linux.

Any thoughts / comments before I put in a spare HDD and waste a few hours giving it a go? I will spend 2 - 3 hours trying to get it up and running, hitting the forums and IRC with my laptop for help when i need it. After a few hours though, I will loose interest, give up, and try again in another year.

Willing to try Gnome or KDE if its going to help.

Thanks in advance for any helpful thoughts.

April 21st, 2009, 10:10 AM
I have never tried with three screens, I don't have any computers with the hardware for that.

I have used dual screens a few times, from my laptop. That's quite easy to set that up, just plug in a monitor or a projector to the laptop's vga port and go 'System'-->'Preferences'-->'Screen Resolution', and you'll find the settings in there.
Most people should be able to figure it out with a few minutes of experimentation.
'Clone screens' is the option to use if you want the same picture in each monitor, otherwise you can get it to show the top half in one and the bottom half in the other, or the right in one and the left of the picture in the other by dragging the rectangles around.
We can also turn the picture on it's side (90 degrees) either direction or invert it in case some-one wants to use a wall or ceiling mounted monitor or projector.
The settings are quite obvious and intuitive.
Our Xserver has come a long way from the 7.04 days.

As for three monitors, I don't know. I hope someone around here will be able to tell you, I'll be interested.
I would guess it would probably be worth a try.

May 24th, 2009, 08:15 PM
I'm in the same situation. I need 3 monitors and don't want to add another video card. I too have the 3450 and was wondering if all 3 types of output can be used at the same time? DVI, HDMI and VGA..