View Full Version : [ubuntu] nForce chipsets- 8.10 Intrepid incompatible?

April 19th, 2009, 01:06 AM
I've had Ubuntu 8.10 set up on my system for a while, but my evga board constantly had a F6 post code (memory related, not in the manual). While it ran fine for a while, it suddenly started falling apart. I eventually replaced every piece of hardware, the only similarity that might matter is the 3 motherboards I used were all nForce chipsets- 680i, 750i, 780i, all giving the same F6 post code.

First it seemed as if my hard drive was failing, and then it finally wouldn't boot. It would boot off of my other hard drive that had windows on it, reinforcing the thought that my Ubuntu hard drive failed. Trying to reinstall would give me "Errno 5"- something about a bad hard drive or CD/DVD drive or media. Then I tried to install it over Windows on my other hard drive- same error. After finding myself thoroughly confused, a very rare occasion considering my IT/Tech support job, I gave up and called EVGA, and the guy I talked to was also, very confused. He ended up telling me that F6 was a memory error which made sense because not a single stick of RAM I found got rid of it. He said I also probably have a bad hard drive controller, which sort of made sense. I swapped motherboards (from 680i to 780i) and....still had the same problem. Then I managed to swap out every piece of hardware- CPU, another motherboard, PSU, video card, more RAM, hard drives, CD drives- all to no avail.

Then I accidentally put in a Windows 7 beta disk, and after realizng I grabbed the wrong disc, I was about to stop it, but I checked the post code. No F6... I tried Fedora, Freespire, and a few others from my Linux CD stack, same thing, they were all fine, no F6 code. I had been using Ubuntu 64 bit, so I tried 32 bit, bit that still gave me the familiar F6. XP also gives the F6, now..

Does anyone have a clue as to the problem, cause it has been quite troubling, and I am still quite confused. I'm going to give the Jaunty RC a try.

Edit: Also, just FYI- my 32 and 64 bit CD's install just fine on my older, computer with an Intel chipset.

Edit2: Jaunty RC also gives the F6 error.

Edit3: I unplugged my bluetooth adapter and UPS from the USB ports (which had always been plugged in), and it still gives the F6 error, but it actually booted the live CD, and it actually installed. It's just like my Ubuntu decided to stop wanting to run on my system, or my system decided to stop wanting to run Ubuntu.