View Full Version : [ubuntu] Mobo Fried?

April 16th, 2009, 05:30 PM
Hello I recently installed Ubuntu desktop 8.10 on my p4m800pro-m478 Motherboard. The PC is a homebrew that I bought on craigslist, so I am on my own. Today I was attempting to open an .xls file with OO spreadsheet when I got a Kernel Panic message. When I rebooted, the pc shows no video and the keyboard lights are dark. The mobo powers up, the CPU fan spins, and I get a solid amber light on the front of the case. Is my mobo dead? I tried various things, I reset the CMOS, I unplugged the HDD, optical drives and PCI cards. Is there anything else I can try? or should I just strip this thing for parts?