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April 16th, 2009, 05:59 AM
I have built three PCs with new Asus motherboards, all of which were for Intel processors and two had heating and speed issues. The third I fried before I was able to find out >_<. One of the computers I built for my Dad. At first it used Intel's stock 775 fan. It was extremely noisy and the processor reached temperatures around 70C with very little load (thermal grease had been applied and smart fan was turned off). We ordered him a new CoolerMaster fan which was much quieter and kept the processor down to around 45C with smart fan turned on. Things went pretty well for about a year, except that the computer never performed as fast as it should have. He has a 3Ghz P4, I have a 2.6Ghz P4, and mine runs much smoother with a Mach Speed motherboard (it also keeps my processor between 25 & 30C at low load).

Recently, my dad's computer has begun reaching high temperatures again. I have decided it is time to get him a different motherboard. But I have vowed not to buy Asus ever again. I really like my Mach Speed, but they are not as common as other brands. I also really like Biostar as another three computers I built with said motherboard brand run very well. There are a few Biostars that I am looking at, but I want to widen my options. I worked on a computer recently, but I can't remember if it had an MSI or Gigabyte, neither of which I have much experience. His case is mATX, and doesn't need a super nice graphics processor, so integrated graphics isn't a problem.

I'm looking for something between $40 and $60 dollars. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, I would really like to hear them. Tell me what brands you like. You can recommend Asus if you want, but because of my experience with them it is highly unlikely that I will purchase their products (at least motherboards) any more.

Thanks for your input.

April 16th, 2009, 06:20 AM
I have had good luck with amd2+, inexpensive mb's from MSI, same with BioStar. Nvidia onboard graphics work good on Ubuntu too. Egghead and Tiger Direct are my two sources. They both have good deals on inexpensive mb/cpu combs,

April 16th, 2009, 06:42 AM
I've been curious about MSI. It seems to be a popular brand. No experience with MSI + Pentium?