View Full Version : [kubuntu] KDE 4.2 filetype app association "dupes"; gedit wants to be "Text Editor"

April 15th, 2009, 11:26 PM
When I (use keditfiletype to) edit a filetype, say, application/x-shellscript, I see two uninformative "Text Editor" entries that are actually for Gnome's gedit.

1) I want to change "Text Editor" to "gedit" so I know what it actually is (not just what it does). So I select one "Text Editor", click edit, go to the Application tab, change the name to "gedit", click ok, and it forgets all about it and reverts to the terribly informative "Text Editor" except in "Open With" context menus where it (but not the other "Text Editor") is "gedit" now.

2) I want to remove one "Text Editor", select it, "Remove", "Apply", and it reappears! I can't rename the second one to "gedit" either.

KEDitFileType's idea of applications for shell scripts is now: bash, Mousepad, Kate, GVim Text Editor, Text Editor [= gedit], Text Editor [= gedit]

Context menus show: Kate, OpenOffice.org Word Processor, Mousepad, Text Editor [= gedit], Emacs 22 (client), gedit, GVim Text Editor.

Maybe a log-out will reinitialize something there but I still can't seem to remove the extra "Text Editor".

And I'm confused.

And asking for help.